Save The King

A quick and different game using a chess board and a couple of sets of chessmen, for 2 players


One player is given a set of pawns; the other has a King and some other pieces. The aim of the game is for the player with the King to move this piece off the board, saving it from the marauding pawns.


The player with the pawns takes 28 pawns and sets them up around the edge of the board. The player with the King takes the King, and 31 points of other pieces, the points calculated from the table below.


The King’s pieces must be set up in the middle of the board, using the four central spaces first, then the spaces in the ring around this set of four.

Turn Order

The pawn player moves first, the King’s player moves second.


Pawns can move one space in any direction. All other pieces move as in a standard chess game.

Taking Pieces

Pieces are taken and removed as in a standard chess game. The King may be taken, if he is, the game is over

Winning the Game

The game is won by the pawn player if he takes the King and by the King’s player if he successfully moves the King off the board.