Stranded Guilder

A guilder and his escort have found themselves stranded in the Underhive, separated from the rest of the Guilder Caravan. Night draws in, and in the darkness, the Guilder sleeps, whilst the vultures close in on his precious stocks of weapons and equipment.

Guilder and Escort

The guilder has the statistics of a basic Gang Leader, and his six escorts all have the statistics of basic gangers.

The Guilder is armed with mesh armour, a las-pistol and a knife.

His escorts are armed as follows:

  1. Autogun and Knife
  2. Lasgun and Knife
  3. Autopistol and Club
  4. Autopistol and Knife
  5. Lasgun and Knife
  6. Stubgun and Sword

Guilder Vehicle

The Guilder has a vehicle, which is large enough to fit himself, his escorts, and all of his stock. It is a four wheeled transport. Once the Guilder has been activated, then he can drive the vehicle. It can move up to 10 inches in a turn, and turn a maximum of 90 degrees. If any gang member is standing in the path of the vehicles movement, then they must pass an Initiative test to leap aside, else they are run over, and take a single S5 hit.

The vehicle has toughness 7 and two wounds, it counts as a large target. If the vehicle is reduced to 0 Wounds, then the Guilder will exit the vehicle and attempt to escape on foot. When the vehicle reaches 0 Wounds then it also begins to burn. Each turn the vehicle burns, one crate inside is destroyed. If a gang member attempts to remove a crate from the burning vehicle, they take a S4 hit on a D6 roll of 4+.

Gang members can also try to shoot out the tyres on the vehicle. They are a small target and have toughness 4 with one wound each. As each wheel is destroyed, the maximum speed of the vehicle reduces:

As well as shooting the vehicle, gangers can charge the vehicle, and attempt to force open the door. They must charge any door that leads to the driver's compartment, and pass an initiative test. If they fail, they take a S5 hit as they are knocked aside, otherwise they may fight a round of combat against the Guilder. If the Guilder is not taken out of action, he may drive away on his next turn without penalty.

Guilder Crates

In the vehicle are 6 crates, containing the stores held by the Guilder. Any gang member can take a crate by moving into contact with the guilder vehicle, so long as it is stationary. They can take no further action that turn. Each gang member can only carry one crate, and they count as encumbered in Hand to hand whilst carrying a crate.

At the end of the game, roll 1D6 for each crate carried by one of your gang members

1-325 credits worth of common items
450 credits of common items
575 credits of common items
61 rare item

Guilder movement

The Guilder escort are move and activated as sentries in the Raid Scenario. They take a turn after both of the other gangs have had their turn. If they move a positive amount, move them towards the nearest gang member, a negative amount, then move them away. Once activated, the escort will attack the nearest enemy. The Guilder will wake up the turn after the escort activate. After this, he will drive the vehicle at top speed towards the nearest exit from the table.


Set-up terrain as normal, allowing each player to place a piece of terrain in turn. Leave a gap about 8" square in the centre of the table, with several 'roads' at floor level wide enough for the guilder vehicle to travel along. Place the guilder vehicle in the central gap, and also place an oil barrel about 4" from the vehicle. Set-up four of the guilder escort around the oil barrel, this contains a fire they are warming themselves around. Place two of the escort on the edge of the cleared area, they are lookouts.

Gang set-up

Pick a set-up edge and a set-up order at random. Both gangs can use all gang members in this scenario. Set-up both gangs within 8" of their table edge. Tunnels and Vents may be used as standard. The game is fought in pitch Blackness, all sight and spotting is limited to 8". Any model within 3" of the oil drum fire can be spotted from 16" away.


Gangs will take bottle tests at 25% casualties as standard. The Guilder escort will not bottle. When a gang bottles they will take any crates they hold with them.

Escaping Guilder

If the Guilder escapes, then any non outlaw gang must roll on the outlaw table at the end of the game, with a -6 modifier. An outlaw gang will have their guild price doubled.


The game ends when one gang bottles. The gang that does not bottle wins.


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