The Running Man

If a gang is particularly desperate for cash, and has an unpopular, or a juve hungry for fame, then they can enter them into on of the Running Man competitions, which are wildly popular in the main hive.


Set-up terrain as normal, each player takes it in turn to place a piece. Attempt to create a dense and cluttered area to play in, with few open spaces and fields of fire.


The Gang that enters the Running Man should select a single gang member to take part. Any gang member can be selected, but see the Income section for suggestion of who to pick. The opposing gang can use all available gang members as Hunters.


The Running Man should set-up first, at least 20" from any table edge. The Hunters set-up next, at least 16" from the Running Man.

Turn Order

The Running Man moves first.


The Running Man is aiming to stay active and in action for as long as possible. The Hunters are aiming to take the Running Man out of Action as quickly as possible.

Ending The Game

The game ends if the Running Man is taken out of action, or the Hunters bottle (they take bottle tests at 25% casualties, as normal).


The Aftermath

The fans of Running Man value particularly brutal takedowns of the Running Man. If the Running Man goes out of action, when you roll on the injury table, re-roll any results of Full Recovery or Captured. In addition to any other injuries suffered, the Running Man takes on a Bitter Enmity towards the entire Hunter Gang.


The Hunters collect income as normal, and add 100 credits as their pay for taking part. If the Hunters bottle, then they lose the bonus, and on a D6 roll of 4+ they lose a randomly selected territory.

The gang of the Running Man do not collect income, they are swept up in the brief glare of media celebrity, and too busy to perform the mundane tasks of daily life. Instead, the gang gains D3x100 credits income as payment. They gain a further 5 per turn the Running Man survives, 10 per Hunter taken down, and 100 if the Hunters bottle. The gang then loses income equal to the cost plus experience of the Running Man. Fresh faced juves are prized beyond grizzled veterans, and paid accordingly.

The leader of the Running Man gang can visit the trade post as normal (he goes alone, you can't send gangers to boost the items offered), the brief glare of celebrity means he is offered an extra item whilst trading.

Multiplayer Changes

It is quite simple to play the Running Man as a game for more than two players, by forming the Hunters from more than one gang.

If you want to play this as a Multiplayer game, then you'll need to make the following changes.

Gang Size

If there are more players in the game, then the Hunter Gangs cannot bring along all of their members, but are limited to a certain number of picked fighters.

For a three player game, the Hunter gangs can each bring six gang members. For four players, they can bring along four, and for five players, each hunter gang can bring three gang members.

The Running Man is still limited to a single gang member.


The Running Man sets up as desribed in the main scenario. Each Hunter Gang takes it in turn to set-up, The Hunters are set-up at least 16" from the Running Man, and must also set-up at most 4" away from a friendly model, and at least 8" away from any Hunters not in their gang.

Turn order

The Running man moves first. The Hunters then take it in turns to move.


The Hunter Gangs start taking bottle tests at 50% casualties, the extra Gangs present leads to a desire to stay in the game longer, and not face the shameful prospect of another Gang taking all the glory.

Ending the game

The game ends if the Running Man goes out of action, or all the Hunter Gangs bottle.


The leader of each Hunter Gang scores experience as described for the leader of the Hunter Gang in the main scenario. All other experience is scored as described before.


The Running Man's gang earns income as described in the main scenario, but they only gain 50 Credits income per Hunter Gang that bottles.

The Hunter Gangs gain 50 Credits income for taking part, with a bonus of 50 to the gang that takes the Running Man out of action. Each Gang that doesn't bottle will score a bonus of 25 Credits for each Hunter Gang that does bottle. Each time a Hunter Gang takes down a Hunter from a different Gang, then they will earn a bonus income of 10 Credits.

If a Hunter Gang bottles they earn no bonus income, and on a roll of 4+ on a D6 they will lose a randomly selected piece of territory that will be given to the Hunter Gang that took the Running Man out of action (if no Hunter Gang managed this, then the territory is simply lost, and no-one gains it).

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