The Performers

The Performers are a group of three fantastically costumed individuals, available for hire as hired guns. No-one really knows who they are, or where they come from, but if you are willing to search out these flamboyant individuals, they can be a great asset to your gang in a fight, assuming you are ready to work around their unique way of doing things.


The performers will work with any non-outlander gang. They can be hired individually for their hire price, or as a group for a reduced price.

The performers are unique, they can only be hired by one gang (they must be found as the rules for special characters). If the performers are hired individually and find themselves on opposing sides in a game then they will not take part, choosing not to fight against one another.


Acrobat - Rating 100
Skills: Catfall, Dodge, Evade, Leap, Sprint, Step Aside
Gear: Las Pistol, Sword
Juggler - Rating 155
Gear: Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades, Smoke Bomb, Photon Flash Flare
  • Never suffers misfire: The Juggler always cares for his grenades, and so never suffers a misfire.
  • 4+ ammo roll: All grenades carried by the Juggler gain a 4+ ammo roll, as he carries many more than a normal fighter would.
Clown - Rating 170
Skills: Beserk Charge, Impetuous, Infiltration, Killer Reputation
Gear: Hallucinogen Grenades, Knife
  • Never Pinned: The clown is unconcerned for his safety, and is never pinned.
  • Never take Ld test: The clown is no longer really in the same world as everyone else, he never takes a Ld test, and is immune to all psychology.

Hire Cost

Acrobat20 Credits
Juggler30 Credits
Clown34 Credits

If two of the Performers are hired, discount the total cost by 5 credits, and if all three are hired, discount the total cost by 15 credits.

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