One of the gangs has finally got the chance to deal with a bitterly hated enemy.

Scenario Selection

This scenario can be selected whenever a gang rolls a 'May Choose' result on the scenario table and the gang selecting the scenario contains a member with a 'Bitter Emnity' for an individual in the opposing gang.

The choosing gang must decide if they wish to try and take their revenge in an honourable fashion in a stand-up fight, or if they wish to take a more dishonourable path, ambushing the target (hated opponent) when vulnerable.


The attackers (gang that chose the scenario) may use their whole gang. If the attackers have chosen the honourable route, the defenders bring their entire gang, otherwise just the target plus D3 + 1 randomly selected members.


Set-up terrain as normal, each player taking it in turns to place a piece.


If the hounourable route is taken, set up as for a standard gang fight. If the dishonourable route, then the defenders set up first, within 4 inches of the centre of the table. The attackers then set up within 4 inches of any table edge. Tunnels and Vents cannot be used if the dishonourable route is selected.

The Aim

The ganger with the bitter emnity (embittered) is out for revenge, their aim is to scrag the ganger they hate. If the attackers choose to attack honourably, this task will be harder, but earn them more respect in the Underhive. If they attack dishonourably, then they will be less esteemed, and ridiculed if they fail.

If the targetted ganger is attacked dishonourably, then it is well within the code of ethics of the Underhive for him flee. His aim will be to escape the fight, leaving the board. IF attacked honourably, his aim is to fight as normal.

Turn order

The Attackers move first.


The gangs take bottle tests at 25% casualties as normal.

Ending the Game

The game ends if one gang bottles or if the dishonourable path was selected, and the target leaves the board or is taken out of action.



Income is collected as normal.


If the fight is honourable, then territories are lost or gained as in a standard gang fight.

Outlaw table

If dishonourable attackers lose, and are forced to roll on the outlaw table, then they suffer a -1 modifier to the roll.

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