Orks at the Gates

A force of Ork Pirates have penetrated the Hive, and are attacking a settlement where several gangs have gathered to trade. The gangs present must fight off this Ork incursion, or risk losing the services of this settlement, and any of their nearby territories.

Scenario Selection

This is an Arbitrator scenario, and so may be selected whenever you have an arbitrator willing to run the Ork side, and can gather several gangs together in one place.


This is scenario is suitable for 2-5 gangs. Any gangs can play this scenario, but particularly bizarre combinations (e.g. Redemptionists and Scavvies) should be avoided.

Terrain and Set-up

Set-up terrain as normal, leaving an 18" wide band along one edge clear of any terrain. This is the edge of the settlement. The Orks set up within 4" of this edge. The defenders may set-up anywhere in the settlement section of the table.

The Ork Force

The Ork forces are controlled by the Arbitrator, their aim is to force entry to the settlement, and force all of the defending gangs to flee. The Ork Force consists of Nobz, Boyz and Gretchin, with a rating totalling 1.5 times the combined rating of the involved gangs. There should be at most 1 Nob per 5 Boyz, and at least 2 Gretchin per Boy.

The Ork Boyz and Gretchin have stats as described in the Aliens section of the Necromunda rulebook. The Nobz stats are described below.
Orc Nob - Rating 290
Skills: True Grit, Iron Jaw, Head Butt, Hurl Opponent
Gear: Carapace Armour, Bolt Pistol, 1-H Power Axe, Frag Grenades
  • Not Pinned: Orks are tough fighters, and never pinned.
  • Leader: Nobz are leaders, any Ork or Gretchin within 6" may make Leadership tests using the Nob's leadership value.

The Defenders

At the start of the game only a few gang members are present, left behind on guard duty, or just unlucky enough to be near the edge of the settlement that gets attacked. Each gang starts with a number of defenders present according to the table below.

The Re-enforcements

At the beginning of each turn after the first, roll a die for each gang member not present. The arrive from the settlement (far edge to the cleared side), and may take a full turn as normal.
TurnRe-enforcement Score

Turn order

The Orks move first, then the gangs in descending order of gang rating.


The Orks take bottle tests as two groups, Gretchin and others. The Gretchin start taking tests once the Ork forces reaches 25% casualties. The Orks are made of tougher stuff, and ignore the cowardice of their Gretchin allies. They only start taking tests once 33% of the Boyz and Nobz are down.

The gangs are fighting for their lives, and only take bottle tests once 50% of their number are down.

Ending the Game

The game ends if all forces from one side bottle, either the Orks or the gangs. The side that did not bottle wins.



If the gangs lose, they cannot trade at all after this game, as the settlement is sacked. Each gang also suffers the looting of one randomly selected territory, cross it off the gang's list, and replace it with an Old Ruins.

If the gangs win, they are showered with gifts and appreciation from the inhabitants of the settlement for the next few weeks. This gives participating gangs the following benefits:

  1. Each gang is immediately given d3 random rare items
  2. Income collected after this game from territories with random income is the maximum possible.
  3. After the next three games they take part in (including this one) they are always offered the maximum number of rare items at the trading post.
  4. After the next three games they take part in (including this one) the random cost is subtracted from the price of rare items, not added.

Outlaw table

If any gangs are forced to roll on the outlaw table, then they gain a +1 modifier to the roll.

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