Life Insurance

A wealthy Guilder has hired the defending gang to provide protection. His disenchanted wife has hired the attackers to try and collect on his life insurance policy

Scenario Selection

This scenario can be selected whenever a gang rolls a 'May Choose' result on the scenario table. The gang that chooses the scenario will be the defenders, unless they are an outlaw gang. An outlaw gang will always be the attackers, and never the defenders. The scenario cannot be played by two outlaw gangs.


The defending gang brings d4+2 random gang members to act as protection for the Guilder. The attacking gang brings d4+4 members, chosen by the gang’s player.


Set-up terrain as normal, each player taking it in turns to place a piece.


The defending gang sets up within 4 inches of the centre point of the table.

The attackers set up within 4 inches of the table edge.

The Guilder

The Guilder has the statistics of a basic ganger. He is armed with a Laspistol, knife and mesh armour. He sets up with the defending gang.

Turn order

The attackers move first.


Both gangs take bottle tests at 50% casualties.

Ending the Game

The defender wins if the Guilder moves off a table edge, or the attacking gang bottles.

The attackers win if the defenders bottle, or the Guilder goes out of action.



If the defenders win, they gain 100 extra income in payment from the Guilder, and collect other income as normal.

If the attackers win, they gain 50 extra income from the Guilder’s wife.

If the defenders win, and capture an attacker, they gain an extra rare item for free, a gift from the grateful Guilder happy to learn of the dishonesty of his wife.

Outlaw table

If the attackers are forced to roll on the outlaw table, then they suffer a -1 modifier to the roll (-2 if they take the Guilder out of action). The defenders gain a +1 bonus.

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