A Bit of Bad Luck

A Necromunda Scenario for one gang and an Arbitrator.

A motley crew of Hired Guns lie in wait for a gang battered by a recent confrontation with some rivals.

Scenario Selection

The Arbitrator and gang player must agree to play this scenario prior to another game the gang plays in.


The Arbitrator selects Hired Guns that provide a gang rating equal to the defending gang.

The defending gang is made up of the gang members that took part in the most recent game.

They suffer from all injuries (flesh wounds) taken in the previous game. Gangers that went out of action cannot be used, gangers that recovered from being down count as having a flesh wound. Gangers that failed ammo checks remain out of ammo.

Income and experience are not calculated from the previous game until this game is completed.

The Scenario

This scenario should be played as a standard gang fight, except the defending gang always sets up first, Tunnels and Vents cannot be used, and Income and Experience are gained as described below.


As per gang fight, except

The bonuses for winning represent the display of grit and determination required to defeat a second foe so soon after fighting the first.


If the defenders win, their renown spreads amongst their territories, they automatically collect double income from each of their territories and do not require a ganger to work them. They do not collect income due from the previous game, excepting any bonuses.

If they lose they must collect income as from a standard gang fight, and do not collect income from the previous game.

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