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Hired Gun Creator
Necromunda gang sheet
Stranded Guilder
Two players
Running Man
Two-five players
The Delivery
Two players
Two players
Life Insurance
Two players
A Bit of Bad Luck
One player and an Arbitrator
Orks At The Gates
Two-five players and an Arbitrator
The Heist
Two players
Hired Guns

Some Hired Guns, in the style of the Special characters introduced in Outlanders.

Gang sheets

This is a set of files that allow a nice display of a gang on the Internet. The Cascading Style Sheet formats the display, the XSL file formats the data, and the XML file contains the data.

To show your own gang, you will need to create your own XML file that contains the data relating to your gang, look at the source of the Sample Gang file for an example of how to format the XML file. You will also need a copy of the XSL and CSS files, and you must store in the same directory as the XML file. If you know a bit more about XML/XSL and CSS, then you should be able to modify the locations of the file with a little bit of work.

I've also included a copy of my most recent gang, Squad Bakar, to show an example of a gang making full use of the XML format.