Dungeons and Dragons
I have created some resources for DnD players, a scenario and some NPCs, which are available here
A javascript based implementation of the Countdown numbers game.
I have created some resources for the Games Workshop game Necromunda, some scenarios, and some gang sheets, which are available here
Roman Numeral Bingo
Numbers from 1 to 100 are displayed in Roman Numerals, and you have to fill in your bingo card. Quick and accurate selections score more points. Play Bingo now!
King of the Castle
King of the Castle is a card game, suitable for 2-6 players. Tha aim of the game is to guide your favoured squires to mastery of the realm. The game consists of two decks of cards, 26 personality cards, and 78 event cards.
Merchant Venturers
Merchant Venturers is a board game, suitable for 3-4 players. Become the richest man in the Old World by building a trading Empire spanning both the Old World and the New, and mastering the seas that separate the two.
Volcano! is a board game I developed in Nov 2006. You take on the role of Scientists trying to avert a catastrophe as a Volcano erupts to envelope a local town. It is suitable for 3-4 players.
Superheroes is a card game for 4 players. Create a Superhero, send them into the world, and gain renown, whilst trying to thwart the heroism of your opponents.
Choices is a simple gambling game for two players, that uses a standard deck of cards.
Pastures New
Pastures New is a pen and paper game for two players. Create a landscape, conquer it with Castles to score points.
A javascript based implementation of the Looney Labs Icehouse game Tic-tac-doh.
Roleplay Resources
A place to find roleplay resources for games other than DnD.
Dice wars
A quick dice game for 2 or more players who own a lot of different types of dice.
Save the King
Save the King from some marauding pawns, a quick chess based game for two players.