Dice Wars

A game for two or more players

Each player starts with 5 d6. The aim of the game is to ‘attack’ other players with dice rolls, and to then either improve your own dice, or to force your opponent to discard dice. The last player with remaining dice wins.

The Turn

Pick a player to go first. That player chooses an opposing player and a number of dice. Both players roll that many dice, sort them in descending order and pair them up. Count how many pairs each player wins, and the player that wins the most rolls can make a number of changes equal to the number of pairs they won minus the number of pairs they lost. Once this attack is resolved, the player to the left can make an attack. Once all players have made an attack, the turn ends, and a new turn starts with the player to the left of the first player to act.

Available Dice
  1. At the start of the turn you can use all of your dice to attack or defend.
  2. Once a die has been used in attack or defence, you cannot use it again that turn.
  3. If you have available dice when attacked, you must use them to defend.
Making Pairings
  1. When the dice have been rolled, sort them in descending order and pair them up.
  2. A pair is won by a player is their die scores higher than the opponent’s.
  3. A die that cannot be matched against an opponent’s counts as a winning pair.
Making Changes
  1. When you are allowed to change a die, you can choose to either move an opposing die down one step, or one of your own up one.
  2. Dice move along the order as follows: d4 → d6 → d8 → d12 → d20.
  3. A die can only be changed one level per attack.
  4. A die reduced from a d4 is discarded.
  5. A die increased from a d20 is replaced with a d20 and a d4.
  6. You can only change a die involved in a roll.
Winning the Game

The last player holding any dice is the winner.