Choices is a two player gambling game, played using a standard deck of cards. The players create a large hand of cards to play with, then attempt to score points by playing them in certain combinations.


Deal out the deck into 13 piles of 4. Set aside 3 of the piles.

Randomly pick a player (Player 1). Player 1 selects a pile, and looks at the cards. They give two to their opponent, and keep two themselves. Player 2 does the same, then repeat, until each player has 20 cards.

Take the set aside cards, shuffle into one pile, and turn one face up.

Player 2 plays first. They can either play cards that are the same number as the card turned face up, or form a run which includes the face up card. Aces can be high or low, and runs of cards cannot wrap.

Player 2 scores points as follows:

A player can play at most 4 cards in a turn.

Player 1 then plays in the same way, and scores in the same manner.

Once both players have played using the face up card, discard all cards played, and turn up next card from face down pile. Both players then play and score again, but Player 1 plays first.

If a player can play a card, then they must. If player cannot play, they pass, and score no points.

Once all cards have been played from both hands, or no cards remain in face down pile, game ends.

At the end of the game, total scores, loser pays difference to the winner.