Pastures New
A pencil and paper game for 2 players

Players draw a grid on a piece of paper, representing an area of land. They take it in turns to fill a square with a terrain type, and once the grid is filled, they score points by controlling areas by placing castles onto the grid, the player with the most points wins.


Draw a grid on a piece of paper, any size will do, but 8x8 is suggested as a decent size to play on. The larger the grid, the longer the game will take to play.

Filling the grid

Each player takes it in turn to fill a square. The fill each square with one of the following types of terrain:

Squares must be filled according to the following rules:

Claiming Territory

Once the grid is filled, players take turns to claim territory. In turn, each player can place a Castle (C) on the grid in any space filled with Wasteland or Plains. Castles have an area of influence of one square in each direction around them. You may not place a Castle so that its area of influence overlaps another Castle's area. Players take turns to play Castles until no further Castles can be played.

Players score points as follows:

The player with the highest score wins.

Tips for a better game


Example of play This is an example of small section of the board. Player 1 has played a Castle (marked by the blue C). The area of influence of the Castle is shown by the blue square.

Player 2 can now play their own castle. They must play in one of the squares shown in the Red section, as all other squares are invalid because playing there would cause the areas of influence to overlap. They are still limited by the Castle placement rules, so cannot place on the River or Desert squares.

The blue Castle scores Player 1 a total of 14 points, three for each Plains, one for each Mountain and Forest.