Magic Items
Ewer of Healing Draughts

This item is a simple jug, wrought in plain silver, with a basic fountain motif around the base.

It provides a healing draught to whomever drinks from it, up to five times per day.

When he bearer puts the cup to his mouth, it will fill with a clear, sweet and pure water, that is cool to the taste. If the bearer drains the draught in a single pull, then their wounds will be healed, as if a cure moderate wounds was cast at caster level 4 (so cures 2d8 + 4 Hp of damage)

Medallion of Resurrection

This is a finely made golden medallion, inset with a 500Gp diamond. It is set with other gems worth a total of 500Gp and they form an arc of changing size and colour, terminating with the diamond.

This item takes a long time to attune to the bearer, and will only work if the bearer carries it for a year. To attune, it can never be removed, if contact is totally lost with the Medallion, the attuning must begin again.

The Medallion will cast the Resurrection spell on the wear at the next Dawn after their death, assuming it has been properly attuned.

Once the spell is cast, the Medallion crumbles into dust.