The Watch Veteran

"I've guarded this town for more than twenty years, and I've done it well. My men and I protect the people from the predations of the criminals that would make their living outside of the Law."

Lieutenant Skerell is a grizzled veteran of the Watch. Short and stocky, with cropped hair and beard, showing more white than brown. He command a small Watch, three Sergeants and fifteen men.

Skerell knows the criminals of the town, and tolerate them, so long as they keep their activities discreet, don't kill anyone or hurt anyone to badly, and don't steal from anyone too important.

Skerell will not tolerate crime from out-of-towners. Anyone not local who falls foul of the law can quickly find themselves under the unyielding glare of Skerell, and being hounded out of town, thrown in the cells, or even facing a short drop courtesy of the hangman.

Skerell keeps tabs on the local criminal, and has many informants amongst their numbers. IN this manner he quickly finds out any rumours circulating amongst the lower classes, and finds out what he wants to know quickly and efficiently.

He always has a third of his men patrolling the town, with another third available to respond to trouble within the hour. The Watch house is always manned by two men, one of whom is tasked to guard any prisoners.

Skerell's men are basic 1st level warriors, and his Sergeants are 3rd level wariors. All wear full studded leather armour whilst on duty, and carry a sword and small shield. One or two men on each patroll will be armed with a Crossbow.

Making use of the character

Skerell is a suitable adversary for an evil or misguided character party. He won't care why laws are broken, he will only stop outsiders from breaking them.

He can also be a sympathetic or helpful character, if the character party a criminal in the town, Skerell will help, but he will try to solve problems himself once they are bought to his attention.


Lieutenant Skerell of the Watch - 5th level Warrior


HP: 33
Hit die: d8
Base attack bonus: +5
Base For save: +4
Base Ref save: +1
Base Will save: +1

Skill nameRanks
Gather Information2
Knowledge: Local Criminals2