The Swordsmith

Daniel Smith is a master craftsman, known throughout the City and the surrounding area as the man to come to if you want a good sword, and have the money to pay.

Daniel has over twenty years experience as a blacksmith, and has the ability to craft anything associated with his art. However, his first love is for the crafting of weapons of war, and most especially swords, the greatest of he warrior's weapons.

He was in the army during his youth, which is where he learnt his trade. He has perfected it in the years since and has built a reputation amongst the nobles of the City, most men of rank carry a blade bearing Daniel's mark.

Daniel's prices are high, but his weapons are worth the price. He never lacks for custom, and there is always a waiting list for his wares.

He is a kind, softly spoken man, well aware of the strength within his arms and broad shoulders. He is always ready to spend some time discussing the needs of his customers, or explaining some of his art to the interested, although he always withholds his secrets that allow him to craft his master pieces.

Making use of the character

Daniel is mostly intended to be a character that provides some interaction when the character party are buying weapons. It is always nice to purchase from a known person, with a personality and style, rather than just crossing off gold and adding weapons on your character sheet.

Once Daniel is known to the characters, he can be used to slowly feed plot. He is well known as respected in the City. He knows many of the important people. He can pass on this knowledge if you wish.

Daniel can also be the source of adventures. If the character party have come to know and rely on him, then having him kidnapped, robbed or even killed could be a good adventure hook.


Daniel Smith - 3rd Level Expert


HP: 14
Hit die: d6
Base attack bonus: +2
Base For save: +1
Base Ref save: +1
Base Will save: +3

Skill nameRanks
Craft (Blacksmith)6
Craft (Weaponsmith)6
Knowledge (Metallurgy)6
Knowledge (Weapons)6
Profession (Weaponsmith)6