The Sorcerer

Domoi Flamekin has long been touched by the element of Fire. Since his youngest days he has controlled and manipulated the flames. The affinity he has is much greater than any normal human wizard. There is talk that his father was a Fire Elemental, although this seems a mere fanciful rumour.

Domoi's love of fire has set him at loggerheads with local society. He has burned his way through too many taverns, shops, houses and other buildings to be seen as a friend to the community. He now lives out in the woodland beyond the outskirts of the town.

He has a fiery temperament, which often leads to him using his magic in showy, flashy and inappropriate ways. He is tall and thin, with wild flame red hair, and a long red beard. He favours flowing scarlet robes that move with his wild and expansive gestures, and is never seen without his spell storing Ioun Stone.

Making use of the character

Domoi is intended as an adversary for a character party. He can either be the central feature of an adventure, and become the final encounter as the PCs travel to his home to bring him to justice. Otherwise he can be used as a single encounter or side-quest for a more powerful party, which temporarily distracts or confuses their main objective.


Domoi is a 9th Level Human Sorcerer. He is 6'2 tall, weighs around 150lbs, and has flame red hair and beard. He is around thirty years old.


HP: 35
Hit die: d4
Base attack bonus: +4
Base For save: +3
Base Ref save: +3
Base Will save: +6

Spells Known
Level 0Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
Arcane MarkBurning HandsDaylightFireballFire Shield
DazeEndure ElementsFlaming SphereFlame ArrowWall of Fire
Detect MagicMagic MissilePyrotechnicsGreater Magic Weapon
FlareMagic WeaponResist Elements
LightShocking Grasp
Open / Close
Read Magic

Skill nameRanks
Knowledge (Arcana)12