The Pusher

"Want some Float Mister? Good stuff, cut strong and safe. Satisfaction guaranteed of your money back. First hit free! Come on Mister, give it a go."

Sammie is a pusher, working the poor and rundown taverns near the docks. He sells whatever he can buy, and tends to sample his merchandise often. He is often strung out on the drugs he sells, preferring uppers to downers, but happy with either. He speaks fast, with disjointed sentences and poor short term memory. He is young, but looks older, and doesn't appear to be particularly healthy.

Sammie is a small time criminal, with few links in the criminal fraternity. He might hear a couple of rumours if they are particularly widespread, but he is unlikely to ever be a reliable informant on criminal matters. He has had his run ins with the city watch, but is generally ignored, he is small fry, and not worth the effort of dealing with.

The Drug

Float is this season's drug of choice for the city. It gives users a feeling of euphoria and also makes them feel invulnerable. It is also addictive, and withdrawal symptoms are nasty, this is not widely known, and certainly isn't publicised by those that know, such as Sammie. It is a lurid green powder, created by crushing the dried sap of a local tree. Float is easily available, and costs about 1Gp per dose. Sammie caries 4-5 doses at any time, and can access up to 20 given one weeks notice.

Mechanical Effects

Each time a character takes a dose of Float, they suffer the emotional effect as described. They also gain a bonus of +1 Strength and +1 Constitution for a length of time determined by how many doses they have previously taken.

After the beneficial effects, there is a period of comedown, where the effects are reversed, the user has -1 Strength and -1 Constitution. Float is addictive, and a user becomes an addict if they take more doses than their base Constitution value. Addicts must take a dose within a given time, otherwise they suffer withdrawal symptoms. While in withdrawal, they have -2 Strength, -2 Constitution, and -1d6 from their maximum total hit points. If they take a does of Float, the withdrawal and comedown effects are negated.

If a user stays in withdrawal for the given time, they become free of the effects, they are no longer addicted.

Previous DosesLength of beneficial effectDuration of comedownAddict time until withdrawal onsetWithdrawal duration to end addiction
0-91 day10 minutes2 weeks2 weeks
10-1918 hours30 minutes1 week3 weeks
20-4912 hours1 hour3 days4 weeks
50-996 hours6 hours1 day8 weeks
100+1 hour12 hours12 hours16 weeks

Making use of the character

Sammie can be used in many ways. He provides nice local colour to show off the seedier area of the town or city the characters are in. He can be used as the first step on a quest to break up the drug cartel plaguing the city, or the first step to taking it over, depending on the views of the PCs.

However, he is mainly intended as a source of the drug Float, getting a PC hooked opens up many options, reducing or increasing the supply, forcing them into cold turkey, coping with travelling far outside the city, and many other options. As you can see above, the beneficial effects are initially large, it should be hopefully a relatively simple manner to hook a PC, by enticing them into addiction gently.


Sammie the Pusher, 1st Level Commoner. Sammie is small and shifty. He is young, but looks far older. He speaks quickly and disjointedly, and is obviously not all there.


HP: 4
Hit die: d6
Base attack bonus: +0
Base For save: +0
Base Ref save: +0
Base Will save: +0

Skill nameRanks
Profession (Pusher)1

  • Alignment - Chaotic Neutral
  • Equipment
    • Coins: 1Gp, 7Sp, 8Cp
    • 4-5 doses of Float
    • Rusty old Dagger