The Nobleman

"I have a problem, it's a delicate and sensitive matter, one I would much rather remained private. It would be deeply embarrassing for me were this matter to become public. You will be well paid for taking on this mission, and paid again for solving my problem with a minimum of fuss."

Viscount Delaney is an effete, foppish member of the lower aristocracy. He dress in the finest silks of the latest fashions. The Viscount is very popular at court, especially with the Queen.

This popularity has caused the Viscount's delicate situation. His midnight visits to the Queen have been observed by one of the staff at the castle, and he is now being blackmailed by this anonymous servant.

The Viscount wants the blackmailer stopped, and isn't too fussy about the methods used, so long as it is done quietly.

Making use of the character

The Viscount is an adventure hook, suitable for a party of any level. He will initially pay the party treasure for an encounter one level higher than the party level. If the PCs are successful at stopping the blackmail, they will be double their initial payment by the Viscount. If they fail, then the Viscount will be disgraced, and the ensuing political scandal can be a hook for other adventures.

As the GM, you need to fill in the details of the adventure. Who is the blackmailer? What do they know and what have they seen? What are the blackmailer's plans, and how will they come to fruition? Is the blackmailer working alone, or does he have friends? What do the PCs need to do to stop the blackmail?


The Viscount Delaney - 2nd level Aristocrat


HP: 12
Hit die: d8
Base attack bonus: +1
Base For save: +0
Base Ref save: +0
Base Will save: +1

Skill nameRanks
Read Lips4