The Jeweller

Garan Sellak is the proprietor of a small jeweller's shop, hidden away at the end of a small pokey alleyway, in an insalubrious area of town.

Garan is an aged, stooped man, with a straggly white beard, and a balding pate. He is known in the town as a man to visit if you need to quickly realise the value of some jewels, or to trade an item of value for less recognisable pieces.

Garan is an irascible man, and hard to do business with. He is always looking to gain advantage in his dealings, quick to offer a bad price, happy to pass off a poor gem as one of great value, and will to refuse to trade totally if unhappy with the bargain offered.

Physically, Garan is a coward. If threatened, he will co-operate quickly, but he is capable of holding a grudge, and he has many friends in the criminal fraternity, so woe-betide those who try to steal from or intimidate Garan, they will often risk a visit in the night from a determined Rogue with a poisoned blade, or find their next bar fight to be more deadly than would be expected.

Garan only trades fairly with local he knows and trusts, or with adventurers he realises have enough knowledge to not be deceived by his ploys. Garan will still never offer full market value for a gem, his offeres are just better when made to those he knows.

Making use of the character

Garan is available to provide a channel to allow the character party to fence any jewels or gemstones that they acquire through not strictly legal means. His existence and location are generally quite easy to discover, a Gather Information check at DC15 in the right parts of town should suffice.

Garan can also be a target for the PCs, either as an obvious criminal to remove from the town, or a source of quick and easy cash, depending on the alignment slant of your character group.

Ideally, Garan should be placed in a large town or city, that is big enough to have the city authorities overlook or fail to spot his criminal activities, and also big enough to provide a suitable market for his talents.


Garan Sellak is a 3rd level Expert Jeweller. He is 60 years old, 5'6" tall, with white hair and brown eyes. His habitual stoop make him appear to be closer to 5' in height.


HP: 8
Hit die: d6
Base attack bonus: +2
Base For save: +1
Base Ref save: +1
Base Will save: +3

Skill nameRanks
Craft (Jewellery)6
Knowledge (Gems)6
Knowledge (Precious Metals)6
Profession (Jeweller)6
Sense Motive6