The Herdsman

Matthew Carrick is a herdsman. Owner of a large flock of sheep, he spends most of his life out on the deep moorland, only coming into town when he brings the season's lambs to be slaughtered.

Guarding the sheep is a tough and lonely life, and has left Matthew quiet and introverted. He defends his flock against the depredations of Wolves and other carnivores, and occasionally against theft from intelligent creatures.

Matthew is so protective of his animals that he will risk death to save them. He bears the scars of many narrow escapes from the beasts of the moor, and has learnt their ways over his lifetime.

Making use of the character

Matthew can be used in one of many ways. He could simply be used as local colour, someone to sell the Character party a sheep for their pot. He can be a plot hook, with tales of mysterious events on the moor, the precise nature of which can be filled in by the GM. He might know the location of the Bandit's lair, or which way the marauding Orcs went. Finally, you can use his knowledge of the creatures on the moor to pass information to the character party, knowledge of wolves, and other beasts, can prove invaluable to a character party making a long journey over the unforgiving moorland terrain.


Matthew Carrick - 3rd level Commoner

Matthew is 5'10" tall, and of medium build. He has thinning brown hair, and dark brown eyes. He body is covered in old scars, marks left by the predators of the moorland.


HP: 9
Hit die: d4
Base attack bonus: +1
Base For save: +1
Base Ref save: +1
Base Will save: +1

Skill nameRanks
Handle Animal4
Profession (Herdsman)3
User Rope3