The Gravedigger

It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. In wind and rain, summer and winter, the hole has to be dug, six feet long, three feet wide, and six feet deep.

Once it's dug, it has to be filled.

Digging is Eponymous' life, each hole is worth a silver piece to the digger, more if they look able to afford it, half price for children. Some days he won't see any money, some of the best can be worth a gold piece or more.

When times are lean, Eponymous can seek to supplement his income, during these times the graves are less packed down once filled, to lessen the work to reopen them when Eponymous returns under the cover of darkness.

Once the cadaver is dug up, he will search the body for valuables, removing any rings, jewellery of gold rings he finds. He may take away the body itself, as a recently deceased corpse can be quite valuable to the right person.

Eponymous is a middle aged, balding man, with long straggly greasy hair. He has an unhealthy, pallid complexion and a true graveyard cough. He is a quiet, softly spoken man, who prefers to work alone and in silence.

Making use of the character

Eponymous is not suitable as a main adversary for a character party, but is intended as a link in the chain for the characters to discover. Eponymous really will sell bodies to anyone, if a necromancer is troubling the city, Eponymous has probably traded with him, even if he's not realised this.

Other than this, Eponymous can be a source of cheap goods for the PCs, which can land them in trouble when the items are recognised by a relative of the deceased.

Finally, Eponymous can simply provide some interesting local colour in the Adventurers Bar.


Eponymous is a 1st level Commoner. He is 5'7" tall, with features as described above.


HP: 3
Hit die: d4
Base attack bonus: +0
Base For save: +0
Base Ref save: +0
Base Will save: +0

Skill nameRanks
Craft (Coffin)2
Profession (Gravedigger)4