The Crazed Astronomer

"The darkness has its secrets, but I know them. I find them from the lights in the sky, the points that make us see the darkness. They move for me, and I see them. I know."

For forty years, he has watched the stars, and learnt their secrets, but watching the darkness alone for that time has taken its toll.

If you catch him on a good night, and if you are luck, you might be blessed with a prediction. If you are unlucky, disrespectful or disbelieving then you won’t be given anything, or worse, you might get a deliberately false view of the future.

The astronomer lives in his observatory on the edge of town, at the top of the nearest large hill. It is an ageing, decrepit building, much like its owner. It is filled with scrolls, parchments and esoteric astronomical instruments.

He is kept fed by regular deliveries of food from the town, paid for by those townsfolk who have benefited from the predictions of the astronomer.

Once per day, the astronomer can make an accurate prediction of the future. This is made at GM's discretion, and can be as clear or obfuscated and large or small as desired.

Making use of the character

The astronomer can be used in many ways, the ability to foretell the future is powerful, and has many possible uses in a campaign.

He can provide an adventure hook, or be used as the way of getting the campaign back on track after a wobble. Alternatively, he can provide the wobble that takes the campaign off a rutted track it has found itself in.

Predicting the future can be dangerous, as it removes some of the perceived freedom of the players. I would tend to limit overt prophecy to the more immediate and trivial, and attempt to obfuscate grander foretelling. This gives you the leeway to have the players feel that their freedom is still valued, and that they are not being railroaded.

The best predictions of the future are only fully understood after the foretold events come to pass.


Crazed Astronomer - 10th level Expert


HP: 27
Hit die: d6
Base attack bonus: +7/+2
Base For save: +3
Base Ref save: +3
Base Will save: +7

Skill nameRanks
Decipher Script13
Knowledge (Astronomy)13
Knowledge (Astrology)13
Profession (Astronomer)13
Sense Motive13
Speak Language12 (knows almost any language that he could be called upon to use)