The Big Game Hunter

Most huntsmen are happy to trap the smaller beasts of the plains and forests, but not this man.

Wild schemes, crazy traps, hunts that last months and a worryingly high turnover of assistants, Montgomery Jack is one of kind.

Jack doesn't believe in direct combat and stand up fights, he values guile and cunning above brute strength, for the simple reason that he has the first two qualities in abundance, and lacks in the third when compared to the average adventurer.

Jack wears a motley collection of cured animal skins, and the trophies of a hundred hunts. He always carries a wickedly sharp skinning knife, and often a hunting bow. He carries no other weapons, his hunts generally involve trapping beasts and allowing them to die from starvation or exposure, killing them outright is just too dangerous.

Jack's prey provide a wide variety of products and items, from tough leather hides for armour, to spell components, to trophies and good luck charms. Jack's hunts have made him rich, and he carries his wealth with him, in the form of gemstones, and a Rope of Entanglement, which provides Jack with a edge when he most needs it.

Jack is a flamboyant and generous figure, he will always buy a round of drinks for the whole bar when on one of his rare visits to town, and spends lavishly on women, and minstrels to record his, highly embellished, deeds.

Making use of the character

Jack can be used in several ways, as an ally and a friend to the character party, he can hire them as guards and assistants for one of his hunts.

As an adversary, Jack could be present in an area, hunting where he is not wanted, killing rare wildlife valued greatly by the local population, the character party have been hired to stop Jack, by whatever means they care to employ.


Jack is a 5th level expert huntsman. He is forty years old, 5'11" tall, and of average weight and build, with blue eyes and dark brown hair.


HP: 19
Hit die: d6
Base attack bonus: +3
Base For save: +1
Base Ref save: +1
Base Will save: +4

Skill nameRanks
Animal Empathy6
Handle Animal2
Move Silently5
Knowledge (nature)6
Wilderness Lore8
Use Rope4