Dungeons and Dragons
Map Tile Generator
A Map Tile Generator that allows you to quickly generate random maps for your dungeons.
Into the Sewers is a Dungeons and Dragons Adventure suitable for a starting character party, playing under either version 3 or version 3.5 of the rules. The characters must enter the sewers beneath the city of Jurandar, and clear out a bandit lair.
The Endless Dungeon is a Dungeons and Dragons Adventure suitable for a third to fifth level character party. The characters enter a dungeon in search of treasure, but get more than they bargained for, as they are trapped in a endless circuit.
The Big Game Hunter is a character your PCs might encounter during their travels, as either an ally or an adversary. Full description and stats provided.
The Jeweller is another character your PCs might encounter, as a way of exchanging or fencing loot, and possibly as a target for a robbery or other plot hooks.
It's a short journey from gravedigger to grave-robber, and it's one that Eponymous is happy to make on occasion. Only who has The Gravedigger been digging up now, and who has he sold the bodies to?
The Crazed Astronomer is a potential conduit for your more esoteric plots, or just a chance to really have some fun with your players.
Lieutenant Skerell, a grizzled Watch Veteran is ready to take a stand and fight the criminal behaviour of your character party.
Viscount Delaney, a Nobleman with a problem to solve.
Michael Carrick, a Herdsman from the deep moorland, in town to sell his sheep, and tell tales of the deep moor.
Barak, an Evil Cleric seeking to become the power behind the thrown. Will the characters discover his intentions in time, or will they help bring down a kingdom?
Sammie, a Drug Pusher, with a new drug, Float, to sell to the PCs. Will they try it out? Will they go for the source, and will they be looking to destroy it, or to muscle in on the action?
Daniel Smith, a master swordsmith, ready to sell weapons and equipment to the Character Party, there to add some flavour to the mechanical tasks of upgrading equipment, to act as a plot feed, and to be a possible adventure hook
Benito Aravelo, a sea captain for hire, a hardened seafarer, who might just become a useful ally for the characters.
Domoi Flamekin, a fire touched sorcerer a dangerous, unpredictable foe, ready to be the centre of an adventure, or an encounter on the way to a greater goal.
Other Resources
Twenty Sides, a gambling game that can be played either IC or OOC, using a range of DnD dice (d4, d6, d8, d12 and d20).
Some magic items that you can include in your campaigns, as rewards for action, target for quests, or just something new and interesting to research and make.